United Studios is a family.  We believe that our training can truly benefit kids who are being bullied by building confidence, helping them become more assertive, and opening the lines of communication between the students, the parents and the teachers.

We have worked in the community for many years with kids that have experienced bullying in the past, and we have come to learn that training in  Martial Arts will truly benefit them in their future by building up their self esteem and creating a sense of confidence in them.

Confidence comes from competence, and the ability to feel more confident can truly allow a child to communicate better with others and prevent instances of bullying.  We also happen to see these situations come in two ways: a verbal and a physical way.  When our students experience verbal bullying they are taught not to use their words to hurt, but rather to avoid these difficult situations. Our students practice real life scenarios against a verbal bully, and we experiment on different responses they feel more comfortable with.  The more they practice the better they retain this information.

As far as physical bullying, we work specifically on self defense scenarios.  Learning how to defend against grabs, holds, pushes, punches and other types of attacks is important for our students so they feel ready in case of a real life situation.

Our instructors are professionally trained to teach students of the Martial Arts how to defend themselves without becoming the aggressor.  The Martial Arts teaches you to use force only when necessary but to also find the self control needed to stop.

In the same way as we communicate with the students, we communicate with the parents and the teachers as well.  Having and keeping a good relationship between these two groups makes it easier for us to tailor our training to the student and help prevent dangerous situations.

At United Studios of Self Defense we believe it is important to prevent bullying at schools by making ourselves, and our students the most confident they can be.  If you are interested in getting started on our Anti-Bullying Program, click here or contact us via phone at 949-248-8148