Many times parents ask me why do we do personal sessions as well as group sessions in our studio.  That is a very good question, and we agree that traditionally Martial Arts was taught only in a group environment, and that one on one training is a relatively new concept.

This question usually brings me back to when I used to learn piano as a child.  I remember training every week with my teacher at her home and spending 30 min to an hour with her practicing scales, reading notes, and learning the beautiful side of this instrument.  Many years later I attempted to get back to it as an adult and I realized there was a class in college I could take.  The class was a group session.  After an hour and a half of practicing I had not learned anything specifically new about playing the piano, in fact, I remember much more from my classes as a child with my personal teacher than anything from this college class.

Having a personal instructor is invaluable, and we realize that Martial Arts being so important for anyone’s life should also be tailored to the students.  United Studios teaches every student in an individually different way.  We provide training in group as most other schools, but add the once a week personal class so that you can ask questions, you can better your moves, you can learn the way you want to learn.  We know that over time, these sessions will teach you much more than any other group session can.

Training with both types of lessons is ultimately the key.  The personal session gives you the material you need, and the group session gives you the practice.  Having one without the other would be much more of a disservice to you as the students, and thus, just like when I learned piano as a kid, we provide the best kind of teaching via personal training and group training.