About Martial Arts





What are Martial Arts?

Martial Arts are forms of Self Defense practiced by a a group of people within the same culture.  Every civilization in the world has a form of Martial Art within their history.  Some of these are more popular than others, such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Jiu Jitsu.

Martial Arts is the umbrella name for several disciplines such us Karate, Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu, Kempo and others.  Martial Arts means the “art of fighting” and though we do include fighting moves on our training, this is not really the intention of the training.  Most people take Martial Arts lessons for other reasons such as Self Defense, Self Control, Strengthening, Respect, Speed, and it is used greatly with kids to show them how to be more focused, and controlled.

All Martial Arts share the same 5 basics:  stances, footwork, hand strikes, kicks, and blocks.  It is the combination of these that make up all the unique styles that are out there.

What is Kempo?

Kempo (or Kenpo) is the combination of Karate, Shaolin Kung Fu and Japanese Jiu Jitsu.  This style of Martial Art originated in the Shaolin Temple in China.  Monks living in Okinawa, in the Island of Japan, travel to China and brought their particular form of “work out” back to their town and combined it with their system of Empty Hand Defense, which is known to us as Karate.

Later on, this style made it the Hawaii where it became popular among the locals.  Eventually, it made it to California, and it spread around the United States and the World.

Famous practitioners of this style include Ed Parker, Nick Cerio, Elvis Presley and even Bruce Lee, who worked closely with Mr. Parker for a few years.  United Studios has been privileged to have had the opportunity to spread the art of Kempo all around the United States.  Furthermore, USSD has brought back the connection to the Shaolin Temple in China, with its 1st Official Visit in 1999.  Ever since, USSD and the Shaolin Temple have shared a great cultural exchange, and our instructors have now the opportunity to receive direct training from Shaolin Monks living in the United States.

Who can practice Martial Arts?

Everybody! Well… pretty much everyone.  You must be at least 3 years old and potty trained to enter into the program.  We like to say everyone from 3 to 93 (sorry 94 year olds).  We have programs that will accommodate injuries, special conditions, age, special restrictions, and many others.  Simply give us a try!

Is this a school?

Yes, we work the same way as an academy.  We have teachers, classes and a curriculum we follow.

I think the Martial Arts are violent

Actually, the Martial Arts are everything but violent.  It is sometimes hard to understand based on the fact that we do practice punches, blocks and kicks, and originally, the practice of Martial Arts was designated only for the warrior classes.  However, the practice of Martial Arts is used as a heavy work out, that challenges your mind and spirit.  Also, professional training, allows you to understand the better capabilities of your body, and often teach you more about how to best control your emotions and actions, while working out with others.  All the sparring, and practiced techniques the Martial Arts teach are performed in a supervised, controlled manner, in which both practitioners do not harm each other, but rather understand more about their capabilities.

My kids are too unfocused to train

The training of Martial Arts is actually done with the intention of creating Self Control in individuals, and to teach them how to focus better.  Our professional instructors are ready to cope with any situation that arises at our studio, and therefore, we do not expect any one of the kids to be perfect once they walk into the studio.  On the contrary, our lives are dedicated into making them the best they can be.

I don’t think I can fit this into my schedule

On the contrary, we accommodate our schedule to yours.  With the options of semin-private, private and group lessons at 2 different locations, we have several options for you to choose from.  Give the program a try and we will be happy to figure out a time that works for you.

How Do I put on my karategi and belt?

We have a very useful and informative video which you can find by clicking on this link:

Click Here To Learn How to Put on Your Uniform and Tie Your Belt

What are the prices?

These do vary depending on the type of lessons and how many lessons you do.  Just like finding the right car, the right phone and others, finding the right program can take some trial and error.  We invite you to click here on our Get Started page and try one our Trial Programs until we can figure out the best one for you.

Are Martial Arts Dangerous?

No.  The practice of Martial Arts, when done properly and under the guidance of a Professional Instructor, such as the ones at United Studios, is not dangerous at all.

Are Martial Arts about Fighting?

No.  This is a great misconception.  Think of Martial Arts like a work out routine.  Even though your practice punches, kicks and blocks, they are not intended for fighting.  In fact, they are intended for the opposite of that.  Martial Arts are disciplines practiced for health benefits, the proper training of ones bodies, and the development of Self Control, Balance, Patience, and Self Defense.  The more you know them, the less you have to use them.

We do not condone the use of Martial Arts in order to hurt other people, but we strongly teach our students to use them in cases of Self Defense.

Are my kids going to become aggressive if they do Martial Arts?

No.  On the contrary, our system of training guarantees that your kids will be taught how to use their energy in a positive manner and not to be aggressive towards others.  Plenty of parents can testify on how much their kids changed their aggressive and wild behaviors after training in Martial Arts.

Who can practice Martial Arts?

Pretty much everyone can practice Martial Arts.  From 3 years old up to 70 years old, anybody can train.  What makes our system special is its ability to adapt to your particular situation, limitations, strengths, and schedule.  Because of this, anyone with the willingness to train can become a Black Belt.

I am not interested in the Black Belt, do I have to get one, or can I just do it to learn Self Defense or maybe a Work Out?

Nothing to worry about.  Having a Black Belt is a unique honor which you can carry throughout your life.  However, at our studio, you are not required to follow the belt system.  In fact, you can train as long as you like for other reasons as well.  Just come and try our classes, and we will find a program that works for you

My schedule is very tight, what to do?

We teach Men, Women and Children from all walks of life.  As long as you have the desire to learn, we will find a way to teach you.  You don’t have to come every day; we can tailor our schedule to yours.  Once a week for 30min is a good start.