Our Martial Arts and Self Defense Programs

Tiny Tigers

Age: 3-6 yrs.

Karate kids instructionThis martial arts program is specifically designed for your young children.  In it, they will learn the basics of martial arts: punches, kicks, blocks, and others in a safe environment, all while developing their focus, confidence, self esteem and respect for others.  Our professional staff will always ensure that your child is practicing martial arts safely while having lots of fun in the process.  Over time, this program will prove to be the best investment you could make in your child’s future.

Times:  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 4pm-5pm, Wednesday 4:30pm-5:30pm, Saturday 10am-11am

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Teen Dragons

Age: 7-12 yrs.

Karate Kids Fun - noodle fight

As parents, we know that young teenage kids are full of energy, but also full of daily tasks and responsibilities, so we havedesigned a program that fits your schedule, and more importantly, theirs.  With Teen Dragons, you will have a combination of Private lessons, that fit around your schedule, and Group lessons, conveniently placed after school and homework time.  This program will also cover basic Martial Arts training, but focuses more in the Self Defense aspects of the Arts.  It is designed to strengthen their muscles, make them more flexible and fast, increase their confidence and self esteem, and overall bring balance to their hectic lives.

Times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 5pm-6pm, Saturday 11am

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Adult Program

Age: 13+

Karate Sparring in Mission ViejoYou are never too old to start Martial Arts.  In fact, we find that starting Martial Arts long after childhood does not diminish, at all, your chances to benefit from them just the same.  You will become more flexible, stronger, more accurate and aware of your surroundings, all while finding peace within you.  The Martial Arts, besides giving you an excellent work out, and teaching you practical Self Defense techniques, have been proven to be a fantastic outlet for adults to let their frustrations out in a safe and fun environment, and also better their health greatly. If you are a student, adult, or professional, this program is for you.

Times: Monday and Wednesday 7:30pm-8:30pm, Friday 5:30pm, Saturday 1pm-2pm

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Summer Camp

An exciting way to spend the Summer! Click Here for Info.


Karate For Kids – Preschool Program

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Age:  3, 4 and 5 years old

If your child is enrolled in one of our local Preschools and Day Care Centers, you may sign up to have them take classes at their location.  These classes are 30 min long, and they meet once a week.  They are designed to teach them basic principles of martial arts, and a few moves, but more importantly, Self Control, Focus and Respect.  Kids have a lot of fun learning Kempo Karate, and they begin to get ready for classes at our studio.  This is a great way to start them in the Martial Arts.  This program costs $45 per month (month to month agreement) with a $20 registration fee for the uniform, and belt.  If your school does not currently offer this program, but you would like to have it, email us at missionviejomartialarts@gmail.com (currently serving South Orange County only) and we will bring the program to you.

Schools currently Offering the Program:

1. Tutor Time – Central Park, Irvine, Mondays at 11:30am

2. Pillars Academy – Madero, Mission Viejo, Fridays at 3pm

3. Irvine CDC – Irvine, Wednesdays at 3pm

4.  Spectrum Montessori – Irvine, Fridays at 3pm

Click the link to download the Preschool Sign Up Form Please fill it out and turn it in to the designated box at the school.