What makes our studio different?

Many people ask what is so different about our studio and our service.  We truly believe that our students are part of our extended family.  We invest our time and efforts in making sure you as the student feel cared for.  We work hard to meet your goals, whether it is about you becoming more confident, more focused, more disciplined, and even becoming a healthier person.  We teach men, women and children of ages 3 and up.

Why should you choose our studio?

Personalized training – As well as teaching group sessions, we also give our students the chance to work one-on-one with a professional instructor once a week.  This is very important as it gives us the chance to focus on you, and your development.  Every time you have have a question, every time you have trouble learning a move or a specific form, you have a dedicated instructor that will be with you the whole way.


Professional Certified Instructors – All of our senseis are not only Black Belt and red bel instructors, but beyond learning in the martial arts, we also require our staff to be CPR Certified, Background Checked and Certified as official United Studios of Self Defense Instructors.  We do this for your benefit and piece of mind.


A True Family Feeling – Our studio has developed a true family feeling among our students.  We work together, train together and learn from each other.  When you train with United Studios not only do you get Martial Arts Training, you get a family committed to your growth.

What is the price?

The price of lessons varies depending on how many you want to do.  The majority of programs cost anywhere between $15 to $20 per session.  However, what we recommend you do is to join us for a trial program.  The trial programs allow you the opportunity to test drive the training and figure out whether or not our studio is a good fit.  Click Here to go to our Get Started page and pre-register for a trial program.

What kind of lessons do we get?

You get a combination of three sessions.  One is the group lesson, the most popular kind.  These lessons are usually 1 hour long and they go on a set schedule.  Click here for the schedule.  The second one is the semi-private lesson.  These are half hour long and they allow you to work with a partner to better your skill in the Martial Arts.  The last one is the private lesson.  These lessons are for you only.  Our programs have a combination of groups and personal sessions.